My Favorite Sustainable Sneakers

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A Fashion Mindset Shift

About a year and a half ago, I set out to change not only my wardrobe but also my mindset regarding clothing. After learning how to sew, I started to question the fast-fashion industry in regard to how difficult-to-make items were priced so cheaply. (And trust me, even a basic tee shirt that has top stitching, hems, and binding is NOT an easy sew and requires multiple types of machinery). I was really bothered by the fact that someone on the other side of the world was making far from a living wage sewing the clothes that sat in my closet for years after only being worn once or twice. 

Now, I carefully consider the items in my closet before adding anything new. Before adding something to my closet–whether it is new, gifted, or secondhand–I think about how that particular item will work with the rest of my wardrobe. Is it comfortable? Does it fit correctly? Does the color look good on me? Can it be worn with at least half of the items that I already own? What are the fiber contents? Was it made with sustainable practices?

Outfit Details: Organic Pullover (Elsie James Clothing), Leggings (GAP-2+ years old; similar sustainable pair), Shoes (Allbirds)

When choosing to shop for sustainably-made clothes, shoes, and accessories, I HAVE to take these questions into consideration. When bought new, sustainably sourced items are generally pricier because they are designed with high-quality materials and made by skilled craftsmen and women who are being paid a living wage. But even despite the expense, I have started to shift my mindset regarding excess. I love shopping and brands and adding new items to my collection, but I already own more than I’ll ever truly need. So when I choose items to fill gaps in my wardrobe, I do it with a lot of thought and consideration. 

The Perfect, Everyday Sneakers

One item that I have been wanting to add to my wardrobe is a new pair of walking shoes. I have an old hot pink and blue running shoe from when I was in high school cross country and a barely-holding-on pair of grey walking shoes that I bought a few years prior. I wear these grey shoes with jeans, shorts, and when working outside. They are still usable for yard work but definitely look a little raggedy when paired with jeans and a pullover.

Allbirds generously gifted me a pair of their beautiful and functional shoes. I chose their white wool runners because I knew that they would blend well with the items I already owned and would dress up even a casual jeans and tee outfit. 

Why I Love Allbirds

Before I get into why I love these specific shoes, let me share why I love Allbirds:
  • Allbirds is committed to making shoes and clothing in a better, more sustainable way by using natural materials such as wool, trees, sugarcane, and discarded crab shells
  • They are a certified B Corp. Read more about B Corps here.
  • They are carbon neutral and partner with Climate Neutral to track and reduce their carbon footprint 
  • Their shoes are incredibly comfortable, washable, and can be worn with or without socks
  • They use unique materials like wool, so their shoes have a unique texture and appearance
  • They donate lightly worn shoes to Soles4Souls

Why I Love the Wool Runners

Now On To The Shoes…
Outfit Details: Organic Pullover (Elsie James Clothing), Leggings (GAP-2+ years old; similar sustainable pair), Shoes (Allbirds)

I ordered the Women’s Wool Runners in Natural White with a Cream Sole. These shoes have almost 2,000 glowing reviews on their website. Here’s what I love about these everyday sneakers:

  • They are machine washable! White shoes can be risky, but I am confident that I will be able to keep these shoes looking clean.
  • They mold to my feet and are so warm and comfy–even without socks
  • They are sustainably made with Merino wool 
  • They ship for free! (All orders over $50)
  • They are sustainably priced but still under $100
  • They are sporty enough to wear with athleisure and cute enough to wear with jeans and a pullover

How to Get a FREE Pair of Allbirds Wool Socks

Allbirds rarely gives discounts or runs sales. Like ever. But, I do have a special, exclusive offer just for you!

If you buy a pair of shoes from Allbirds using my link, you will get a free pair of their Trino® Socks. These socks are made from superfine merino wool as well as breathable/odor reducing eucalyptus–get it? Tree + Merino = Trino® . The footbed is reinforced to last a long time and eliminate tears. This offer is up to a $24 dollar value, and there is no code needed. Just use my link and add the socks to your shoe order!

The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe Shoe

Allbirds is one of the leading shoe companies that is sustainably sourcing natural materials for their shoes and clothing. I’d love to know what your favorite shoe is from Allbirds. They have so many beautiful and unique color combinations that will blend seamlessly into any wardrobe, and they have perfect sneakers for starting your own capsule wardrobe.

Dig Deeper – Allbirds Values & Reports

Here are some useful links if you want to dig deeper into Allbirds and what they value:

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