Monica Vinader: A Sustainable, Ethical Jewelry Brand

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I’ve never really been a “jewelry” girl. Well, I did go through quite the phase in fifth grade where I bought several large beaded necklaces, plastic strawberry-covered hoops, and some dangly sparkle star earrings. I thought I was incredibly fashionable at the time, but now I just look back and cringe/laugh at my attempt at style. 

My mom is someone who wears jewelry really well. She has a small collection of dainty pieces ranging from hoops to studs to teardrop necklaces to pearls. Her pieces are minimal, carefully chosen, and compliment her outfits as opposed to distracting them. 

I’ve also been learning from some of my favorite YouTube-style icons over the last few years–Dearly Bethany and Audrey Coyne–how jewelry can be seen as an investment and collection of heirloom pieces. These ladies have beautiful collections of jewelry, and they talk about how their pieces hold special meaning and how each piece has a story. 

Jewelry that Holds Sentimental Value

I have a very small jewelry collection; however, the pieces that I do own hold special meaning to me. 

  • The small hoop earrings and birth-stone necklace my parents gifted me last Christmas
  • My great-grandma’s gold hoop earrings and slender gold bracelet
  • The birthstone ring my sister-in-law gifted me for my first baby that I lost early in pregnancy
  • The birth flower necklace with my son’s birth-month flower that I got several months before he was born
  • The laurel ring my husband got me because it holds the meaning of my name
  • And now, three unique, sustainable pieces from Monica Vinader.

Why I Love Monica Vinader

Before I share about these three new pieces I recently added to my collection, I want to share about a few reasons why I love Monica Vinader:

Responsible Manufacturing

MV jewelry is handcrafted and they think of their suppliers like family. Their workshops are Responsible Jewelry Council members and have regular audits to make sure that the employees earn living wages, work in safe environments, and are treated fairly. Their diamonds are also ethically sourced and Kimberley Process approved which is a process to prevent conflict diamonds (diamonds mined in war zones and traded to finance the violence) from entering the mainstream rough diamond market. MV also works with Women for Women International to help women in countries affected by violence to rebuild their lives and go through educational programs. Additionally, they work with the Jagriti Foundation in Jaipur, India to enroll children who live in the slums in school.

Recycled Materials

MV uses 100% recycled gold vermeil and 100% recycled sterling silver. They also use 100% recyclable packaging and reusable pouches. 

Environmentally Minded

MV is carbon neutral and they are offsetting their current emissions by contributing to Gold Standard climate protection projects. They encourage responsible consumerism and run a jewelry recycling program that accepts all pieces regardless of the brand. They have a 5 year replacement warranty and lifetime repair service to encourage buying less but wearing pieces more.

You can read more about MV’s values here.

My Monica Vinader Pieces

I recently added three beautiful gold pieces from MV to my jewelry collection, and I know that I will be a returning customer. The pieces came beautifully wrapped in sustainable packaging and appear and feel to be very high quality. These are the pieces that I ordered:

Triple Beaded Choker Necklace 13-16” in Gold Vermeil $75.25

The choker necklace is a perfect everyday staple. It can be layered with other pieces that I already own or worn alone. I love how the tiny beads add a little bit of dimension to this simple piece. 

Nura Pearl Necklace Set in Gold Vermeil $165

This fine chain is a great base for adding different pendant charms and the pearl charm that comes with it is absolutely gorgeous–it has a natural pearl shape and reflects light beautifully. It was slightly larger than I was anticipating but is a great statement piece. I think this necklace layers well with the choker and would look best with a v-neck sweater or high-neck long-sleeved tee. 

Corda Ear Cuff in Gold Vermeil $48.38

And last but not least, the Corda Ear Cuff! This piece is one of MV’s most affordable pieces. If you aren’t willing to commit to another piercing, this is a way to elevate your look. The braided texture is both unique and classic–adding texture to an otherwise basic piece. I like wearing this cuff with studs and hoops I already own; however, I am hoping to add some MV huggie earrings to my collection in the coming months. 

Gold? Silver? Both?

I like to wear a mix of both gold and silver jewelry because I have neutral undertones. A lot of people recommend wearing silver jewelry if you have cool undertones and gold jewelry if you have warm undertones, but I think you should wear what makes you personally feel the most confident and beautiful! 

My Monica Vinader Wishlist

Here are some of my MV wishlist items:

A Special Discount Just for You!

Monica Vinader’s jewelry is timeless, sustainable, ethically produced, and has a lifetime repair service. Their pieces are an investment; however, I am learning that I would rather have a small collection of items that I truly love that will last as opposed to a large collection of jewelry that won’t stand the test of time. MV has items ranging from $27.50 to $1,950 with the majority of their items falling between the $100-$300 price range.


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