Upstairs Bathroom Renovation

I’m not even sure how many months it has been since I’ve published a post! For a while, it felt so natural writing and I couldn’t keep up with all that I wanted to say; however, the last few months have been quite different.

Carson and I found out that we will be having a baby girl in August! We longed and prayed for her for almost two years, and we are praising God for her life.

This pregnancy; however, has been pretty stressful and made me choose to pause a lot of things in my life for the time being—my blog, my sewing business, photography, and several house projects. I’m still debating how many details I want to publicly share about my pregnancy, but a brief synopsis is that I found out I have several genetic risk factors that can cause blood clots as well as an autoimmune disease that can potentially cause heart issues for my baby. I have been working with a wide range of specialists who have been carefully monitoring her development, and we are praising God that our baby girl is doing well so far! This disease manifests in a lot of ways and can often flare during pregnancy, and one of the most challenging symptoms has been extreme fatigue. I have had to put a lot of things on hold so that I can use my energy to care for my family and myself. I went from sewing for hours every night to sewing once or twice in the last eight months. I had a lot of plans for my shop and this blog, but the Lord is teaching me to hold loosely to my plans, to rely on him, and to reevaluate my priorities and what matters most. Because my energy is much more limited, I am choosing to reserve it for my family and for rest—and in this season I know that has absolutely been the right decision. I recognize it is a privilege to be able to put work on hold while dealing with health issues, and I truly am grateful that I have been able to prioritize rest during this season.

I’m honestly not sure how consistent I will be with my blog over the next month as we prepare for our daughter’s arrival; however, I have a lot of exciting updates that I have been wanting to share with you all! Our house is far from done, but several of our major renovation projects are nearly complete—including our upstairs bedroom-to-bathroom conversion.


Here is a link to what the room looked like when we moved in as well as our original plans for renovation. We had to make a few changes along the way due to our budget and the structure of our home, but we could not be happier with the final result!


We hired Shayne and Dylan with SB Home Improvement for this job along with several other projects in our home. Shayne collaborated with Scott from Scooter’s Plumbing to complete this tremendous renovation, and we could not be happier with their work! Shayne, Dylan, and Scott worked with us to make this beautiful bathroom a reality while sticking to our budget. They were professional, meticulous, and brilliant with their work, and we highly recommend both of them if you are local to the area!


This room has come a long way since we first walked through it shortly over a year ago. We wanted to incorporate elements of vintage charm with details like the clawfoot tub, chandelier, standing mirror, bead board, and vanity. Our tub was back-ordered for over eight months, so it took longer than expected to complete this room; however, we think it was more than worth the wait!

One thought on “Upstairs Bathroom Renovation

  1. Beautiful! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts praying for you all and following your life adventures. May God continue to bless you and your family.


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