A Beginner’s Guide to Montessori at Home with Kerith O’Sail

Instagram has its downsides, but it is also a place where I have had the opportunity to make connections and form friendships with people I would otherwise probably never meet. Kerith O’Sail and I found each other through my shop, Elsie James Clothing. I’m not really sure if I found her or she found me, but regardless-I am so grateful for the connection! Kerith’s account focuses on how to implement Montessori principles at home from pregnancy through childhood. She is passionate about respectful parenting, sustainable living, and childhood development. She is an incredibly innovative and creative person who has a lot of ideas for how to get started with Montessori with natural resources or items you may already have it home. If you are interested in learning more about Montessori but are intimidated or unsure where to start, this post is for you!

5 Inexpensive Ways to Get Started with Montessori

Although I am no expert on Montessori education, I have spent a significant amount of time learning about the philosophy. The more that I learn, the more that I realize Montessori is so much more than beautiful, calming spaces and expensive, natural toys. Montessori teachers are meticulous. The environments they create for children are thoughtfully and purposefully curated. They prepare and adjust based off of observation and are devoted to giving children the space and time to practice skills to mastery. Montessori is more focused on reaching milestones as a child is ready—not pushing or limiting based off of a scope and sequence. Montessori educators spend more time preparing a learning environment and modeling new skills than actively teaching step by step. It aims to develop independent, confident, and capable learners, and uses natural objects to steward earthly resources, encourage creativity, and to promote active, not passive, learning.