How to Support the Ethical Fashion Industry as a Young Family with a Budget: Fausthyara’s Story

I had the privilege of “meeting” Fausthyara via Instagram a little over a year ago. She is someone who I look up to in so many ways–as a follower of Jesus, as a mom, and as a person in general! Fausthyara and I got connected because of our mutual love for small shops. She has a lot of experience as a brand rep for several handmade clothing shops, including my own. She is an incredibly talented photographer and has an eye for design and pairing pieces of clothing together–both old and new. 

Inexpensive Sustainable Swaps to Try Today

So you want to start pursuing sustainable living but you are overwhelmed because you feel like you need to throw out everything in your home and start completely from scratch. Did you know the most sustainable thing you can often do is to use what you already have? Throwing out all of your clothes that aren’t made of sustainable fibers… ditching all of your plastic products… throwing away full bottles of personal-care products–that is a tremendous waste. Now, I understand the desire to get toxic chemicals out of your home once you learn about the harmful effects; however, I personally don’t recommend throwing everything away and starting from scratch. For one, who can afford to do that!? Certainly not me. Here are some simple swaps that you can make to get started!