How to Build Creative Winter Outfits as a Busy Mom

I’m a busy mom with a toddler and limited time to spend on getting ready in the morning, so I tend to choose outfits that are comfortable and easy to put together. I have found that planning my outfits the night or even a few days in advance and doing my hair the night before helps me get ready in less than 15 minutes the following morning. Although many of the items below were bought secondhand, I hope that these outfits get you thinking about creative ways you can use clothing you already have as well as ideas for items that might fill some gaps within your wardrobe.

Elsie James Clothing Relaunch

Today is the day, friends! At 12 pm CST, I am officially relaunching my handmade clothing shop–Elsie James Clothing. For those of you who have been following along for some time, you probably know most of the story behind my brand. But if you’re new, I wanted to provided a brief synopsis of the who, what, where, when, why, and how of this passion project of mine.

How to Plan & Sew a Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe

I’m a part of several online sewing groups, and I was always amazed by the beautiful capsule wardrobes that other moms were making for their kids. Yet, whenever I tried to plan one for my own son, I got overwhelmed by all of the fabric options, pattern options, and the combination of the two.

I decided to come up with a plan and process to not only help me build his current capsule but to refer back to for future seasons. If you sew, I hope that you can take some of these ideas and tweak them to make them your own. If you don’t sew and have no plans to start sewing, don’t stop reading! You can still follow these steps to plan out a capsule, you just will replace the sewing part with shopping! In the past, I did a combination of new, thrifted, and handmade items for my son each season. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make a cohesive seasonal capsule!

My Most-Worn Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

I am at a time of my life where I recently had a baby and hope to have more, so part of me just wants to wait until this phase of my life is over so that I can buy clothes that will fit for longer than a few months. But, I also don’t want to wait 10 years to feel confident and put-together, so I am working on building and creating a capsule wardrobe with pieces that will last during various seasons of my life. This means silhouettes that can accommodate a pregnant belly, shirts that are breastfeeding friendly, and loose tops or wrap shirts that are flattering with my current measurements. I also am trying to find pieces that can be worn between as many seasons as possible–materials that are breathable for the summer but can be layered for the cooler months. So, whether you are in a season of life similar to my own or just want to build a versatile capsule wardrobe, here are my top 5 capsule wardrobe pieces that I wear all the time, in almost any season!